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Have you been looking for a monopoly money tracker that works as an online ATM, we got you covered. Now if you have never heard of monopoly, then you're in for a treat. Monopoly is a great family pastime board game that brings families together and utterly destroys them (haha). You have the no deal makers who just won’t trade off anything unless it involves a full suite of properties, two houses, three door car garage, the picket fence and a dog. Then you have the back door, shady deal makers, bad loser individuals who want to throw the entire game off course in their last measly minutes of game play. No matter your experience, monopoly still has a couple of deterrents towards starting the game like, the all of a sudden kleptomaniac uncle who voted himself banker or having to officiate every property or cash transaction just to make sure the righteous among us isn’t “overpaying” for properties. So we created a small rudimentary application that helps players with some of these game “un-incentives”, if we may, challenges that contribute to vetoes of the game.

BankOly manages the transactions of properties and money transfers per player. The application helps you keep track of your overall wealth and money on hand. It helps in speeding up the transactional operations of the game,by removing the endless counting and calculations of wealth and cash. In order to get started, grab your android device, IOS coming soon, and download the application from the google play store: BankOly. If you follow this post, we'll show you a quick overview on how the application works, below is the "How to play" instructions for our application.


Setting up & logging In

Once all of the players have downloaded the application, confirm that all players are in the same wifi network. As a note, each player should have the application running in their own device. You'll choose one amongst you that will host the monopoly game, this player will choose the Create game option in the initial landing screen. The creation of the game will only need to happen once, but you will want to pass around the creators device so that players can create their username of choice and pin. This helps regulate the bullies that only care to cause chaos and ruin the game by messing with other players accounts. Once all players have entered their information, click on the create game, make a note of the devices ip that is hosting the game as this ip will need to be given to all others players in order for them to join. Logging in as a remote user, you'll want to click on the Join game button and input the credentials you entered into the creators screen previously.


monopoly bankoly landing screen monopoly bankoly create screen monopoly bankoly login screen


Paying, buying and selling

Paying, buying and selling is made easy with BankOly for monopoly. After you have signed in you will notice the amounts listed for your total wealth and your total cash on hand. These values will adjust as you pay people, purchase properties and buildings. Sending money and selling properties to other players is straight forward, just follow the designated buttons on screen. What may not be straightforward is how we purchase properties from the bank, how we request money from the bank and manage our properties. As a note, there is a screen labeled Check Bank Transactions, from this screen we can see all transactions that all players are making to the bank. The check bank screen shows information from purchasing properties to how much players are requesting and sending to the bank, which helps with transparency between players and the bank. At no point does this screen keep track or reflect transactions between players to players. As another note, before we get complaints on the speed of the loading pages, we know it does take a little longer than ideal to load a screen, this is because the application is making sure that all devices have the correct information. We're working on a way to speed it up, so keep that in mind before making a complaint.

All property management operations are done in the Manage Properties screen, from there you can view available properties, purchase properties, buy houses, hotels and sell your mortgage and un-mortgaged properties. If a player makes a request to sell a property to another player, they will see a notification of the request where they can chose to accept the offer or decline the offer. Use the Check Bank Transactions screen often, as this screen gives the game a great layer of transparency. Also, if there is a mischievous player amongst you that does not want to uphold the game rules or house rules, feel free to kick the player. Players can get be kicked from game at anytime using the kick player screen, all assets will be associated back to the bank and the player will not be able to play. To kick a player, more than 50% of all the players need to vote on the same player in order for the kick to become effective. 


monopoly bankoly manage properties screen monopoly bankoly my properties screen monopoly bankoly purchcase properties screen monopoly bankoly bank transaction screen



Apart from this short information on how to use the application, we feel the rest should be pretty clear on how to use. If not, drop us a line, comment or email with any suggestions or complaints. We strive to make our applications work better and effectively, so don't hesitate in reaching out to us with any input. We hope you enjoy BankOly and thank you for giving it a run for it's money!

monopoly bankoly android play store

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