DigitalOcean Cloud Computing

We're DigitalOcean Denver solutions, and having the right infrastructure provider for cloud usage is important for any business. At MDTowers, we specialize in ‘the cloud’ and want to help you learn which infrastructure will work best for your professional needs. One option we specialize in is the DigitalOcean Cloud. This service is an American cloud based provider that includes virtual servers that are used by software developers. Data centers are offered nationwide with cloud services to help developers be able to deploy and scale applications to function effectively.

What does DigitalOcean Cloud provide?

With DigitalOcean Colorado hosting, you will have access to several products with features that assist in the development process. Watch as you have the option to deploy in seconds by using Droplet, provided by DigitalOcean. The company offers the first and only all-SSD cloud which runs everything from Block Storage to Droplet compute instances. With Simple API of DigitalOcean, you will have an intuitive API with command line utilities that allow you to run a large-scale production workload as needed. Storage is highly available so you always have the amount you need for your Denver business. At MDTowers, we want you to never run out of space. Attach multiple highly available volumes for your storage needs as you see fit. DigitalOcean also provides a lightning fast network to ensure uptime as well as throughput with a 40Gbps network. With the capabilities of this cloud hosting service, you will be able to manage your cloud with your team. Invite others when needed and set up permissions access for workloads.

DigitalOcean Denver apps made easy

One of the many features of cloud DigitalOcean products is apps. With the apps product, you will be able to have access to several modes for working. Choose a pre-built application process and simply deploy your code with Node.js, Redis, Cassandra and more. Choose one-click installation options to deploy such apps as WordPress in mere seconds. With such pre-set features, much of the work day can run quickly as you do not have any setup requirements.

Need storage, no problem

Here at MDTowers, we understand the need for data storage. We have found that DigitalOcean is optimal for storage solutions for any business. Add more storage space, having the ability to mix and match compute and storage to fit your database with this cloud solution. File storage, application, mobile, backup needs and more are all included. With DigitalOcean, your data is stored on hardware that is separated from the Droplet. The data is replicated many times across different racks which will reduce the chance of you losing your data based on a hardware failure. The product also provides the ability to scale Block Storage volumes from sizes ranging from 1GB to 16TB. You can then resize if you need more space and have the ability to move between Droplets. All of your data is encrypted and transmitted to Droplets over isolated networks for a reliable and secure operating cloud network.

To learn more about DigitalOcean and what products and services are provided, contact MDTowers. We are ready to assist you with all your cloud needs including the innovative Digital Ocean cloud solution.